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A Enviroswim Freshwater System is an investment in your family’s health

Enviroswim Freshwater System

Enviroswim is a unique, patented Australian designed and manufactured stand alone pool sanitiser that has exemplary sanitising capabilities, tested and verified by leading and respected independent laboratories. It is the most Independently Accredited Sanitisation System available in Australia today.

The Enviroswim ES3 sanitising system is one of a few systems worldwide and believed to be the only Australian manufactured sanitising system to have obtained the world-renowned NSF 50 International (NSF) accreditation. It is Australian designed and manufactured, using high-grade materials with patents in place throughout Australia, New Zealand, China and Europe.

The Enviroswim freshwater system, can be easily installed into any new or existing swimming pool and is designed to work with any type of pump and filtration system.

With Enviroswim there are absolutely no nasty chemicals to irritate eyes and skin – beneficial to everyone, especially asthmatics and eczema sufferers.

This system produces water that is cleaner, fresher, purer than a mountain stream. It contains less metal than the tap water you  drink – it is absolutely pristine. You can even water your plants  straight from the pool and they will love you for it!

Operating Benefits

  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost savings of up to $900 per year
  • Reduces all associated costs including electricity, chemicals and equipment replacement
  • Eliminates most of the regularly used pool chemicals including salt, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and stabiliser
  • Freshwater prolongs life of all equipment and reduces staining and corrosion on fixtures, glass fencing, landscaping and outdoor stainless steel kitchens
  • Works with all types of pumps and filters
  • Ensures good air quality for indoor pools.

Health & EnvironmentalBenefits

  • Eliminates most chemicals known to cause serious health issues
  • Non irritating to skin and eyes
  • Beneficial for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema sufferers
  • Pool and backwash water can be recycled without diluting for use in gardens, holding tanks, and grey water systems


  • The ES3 system is the only Australian water purification system to have obtained the world renowned NSF accreditation
  • Unique, patented technology, designed with government support here in Australia
  • Independently verified by NATA certified  laboratories here and overseas

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