Mr Poolman

Residential Services

Let us create an enjoyable swimming experience for you and your family.

Mr Poolman has been providing pool servicing to residents throughout all areas of Brisbane for the past 29 years. Our team of highly trained pool technicians deliver exceptional customer service.

We have a real commitment to excellence towards pool cleaning and servicing and would love to look after your swimming pool. Your pool is an investment and as such requires expert service, advice and care.

Our Pool Maintenance programs can be tailored to your needs and budget and can range from weekly to monthly pool servicing visits.

We offer a range of pool services for both our regular servicing program and casual pool service customers.

Regular Pool Service

  • Chemically balance the water
  • Clean the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Check correct operation of pool cleaner
  • Clean filtration system
  • Check for correct water flow
  • Overall diagnosis of pool
  • Brush the tile band along with the steps and walls
  • Scoop all excess debris
  • Free troubleshooting between visits

Casual Pool Service

  • Have a party or special occasion coming up?
  • Need service and advice on how to keep your pool sparkling?
  • Have you returned from holidays to a green pool?
  • Want service and advice on maintaining current or purchasing new pool equipment?
  • Have you listed your house for sale or have an “Open for Inspection”?

Stain Treatment

Our success rate with stain treatments is extremely high due to the different approach we take in completing them. Unlike many other pool companies, we approach staining with different products and techniques that have proven effective over our years of experience.

Stain treatments include:

  • Changing the balance of your water
  • Adding stain remover
  • Removal of all stains
  • Re-balancing of pool water


Going on holiday means relaxing and taking a well deserved break from every day life. However, there is nothing worse than returning home to a green pool!

Mr Pool Man focuses on providing excellent care for your pool whilst you are away. We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly pool servicing for your peace of mind.

Green & Brown Pools

Green pools can be caused by rain/storms, equipment failure and algae blooms. Algae is becoming more resistant to certain chemicals and can quickly and easily spread out of control. At times it may take more than one service by our technicians to clear a green pool however the end result is always a sparkling clean, balanced pool that is safe for your family to swim in.

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We specialise in regular pool maintenance, pool service, repairs and equipment installation.

We come directly to your pool. No need to transport dangerous chemicals. We supply all your pool needs.

We aim to create an enjoyable swimming experience for you and your family.

We are a family owned company who believe in honest, friendly service.

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